Melanie Ladybase

Day 1, 25 June 2022

Look Ma’ No Hands!

Duration: 90-mins
Level: Intermediate

Have you ever wanted to try Free Star? Maybe even needle, or Free-Reverse Star? This class will teach you the key components on how to take away your hands in the shape, how to safely exit from them, and maybe even learn how to enter without hands. Many progressions will be given to help you find maximum success. Please keep in mind this class is a great prelude to the H2H class.

Star, Shoulder Stand

Day 2, 26 June 2022

Intro to Standing Hand to Hand: Delving Into Techniques

Duration: 90-mins
Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Curious about H2H? This workshop is for you. Whether this will be your first time trying it, or you’ve got experience and are looking to add refinement; Melanie will break down this allusive shape into something tangible. She will be teaching you detailed techniques working through various progressions to find a successful H2H beginning with L-basing then taking it to standing H2H. Most of the class will focus on proper alignment, strength and flexibility drills that compliment this skill, the how to’s, and the foundation for longevity.

Handstand against the wall for 20 successful seconds.
Some Foot to Hand experience

About Melanie Ladybase

Melanie is a diligent and enthusiastic movement coach. With over 10 years experience, she devotes endless hours to researching, exercising, and analyzing all these different types of movement like Handstands, Flexibility, and Acro. She is happiest when she is being creative, and she enjoys assisting her students in their development. She has an eye for precision and specific Queuing. Her enthusiasm has gone internationally, with her teaching Acro intensives in a variety of locations, and learning from coaches all over the world. Melanie also has a Transpersonal Counseling-Psych diploma, and she is very enthusiastic about combining her expertise with her love of movement.

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