Day 1, 25 June 2022

Handstands 101

Duration: 60-mins
Level: All-Levels


In this session, we explore the foundations for an exciting experience to see the world through new eyes. Most people can agree that going upside down is a universal fear, but with solid foundation, your journey towards handstands will be more fulfilling and less scary.

Join me for a thrilling adventure as we discover methods and proper positioning as we overcome our fear to invert! A strength and endurance sequence will be introduced to allow you to challenge both your mind and body. Keeping in mind safety and stability, technique tips will also be shared without compromising on the quality of the practice standard. Here we will work on preparation, techniques and grounding oneself to see the world inverted!

Walk-away after 60 minutes feeling energized and confident in your balancing and inversion practices. No luck, no momentum, purely your strength.

Day 2, 26 June 2022

Awaken Your Core

Duration: 60-mins
Level: All-Levels


Say hello to a new you as we unweave the connection between the core muscles and the bandhas in our body.

As we restore and strengthen the complex series of muscles enveloping the core and those muscles beyond it through different poses; we also will be engaging in breath work to wake the deep abdominal muscles to make you feel the core’s existence.

Coupled with the exploration of the two (02) Bandhas otherwise known as the “body locks” – Mula and Uddiyana – this session will leave you revitalized!

Movement through different poses with the mindfulness engagement of these Bandhas will make you more aware of its presence. This will help you build stability in both the spine as well as various yoga poses that you carry out and hence promote safer practices. Here you will be tuning more inwards as we move.

The time is now to connect to the very essence of your body. Say no more, and I’ll see you on the mat!

About Fizzy

Fizzy has been a Yoga Instructor in Singapore since 2016. He believes living a life free of judgements, filled with joy and gratitude. These feelings not only guide him in his practice but also in his teaching which focuses on helping his students to remain calm in any uncomfortable situation and eventually achieve a better connection with their mind, body and their surroundings.

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