Dawn Sim

Day 1, 25 June 2022
FLOW Stage

Morning Yoga Vibes!

with Brandon & Dawn

Duration: 75-mins
Level: All Level

Vibe and flow with Brandon and Dawn as they bring you through an invigorating morning yoga flow followed by a relaxing sound bath meditation to kick off the festival with good vibes only! Set your intentions for the day as you ground yourself, moving with the vibes of the Gong and allowing the sounds and movements to prepare and energize you for an awesome day of Yoga. Suitable for all levels.

About Dawn Sim

A mother of four who has been teaching yoga for over 20 years now, Dawn guides all her students to take care of their body, kind and spirit. Having benefited from Yoga in her different phases in life since she picked it up at the age of 17, she wants to help her students do the same and live a life with better quality. Trained in sound therapy using soundbowls and gongs, Dawn uses this technique to help others achieve a deeper state of relaxation, reduce mental tension and promote recovery using the vibrations and sounds from the apparatus.

Despite the many hours of training she has, she truly loves learning, which fuels her zest for sharing knowledge. Part of what fascinates Melanie about Acro and Movement is the healing that can happen when humans train and play together. Melanie believes Acro is a platform that gives people a wonderful way to practice trust communication and build community. Her zeal lies in teaching anything intricate and making it accessible and digestible, fun washing machines, breaking down technique. As a smaller base, she has many skills and different perspectives to offer, making it intellegible and ultimately bringing you into Flow State.

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